What is Ember Bloc Fire Gel?

Ember Bloc is a fire blocking gel powder concentrate that's classified as a water enhancer that can be applied with a pressure washer using our special pressure washer applicator/eductor attachment. Recent tests and scientific research have shown Ember Bloc to be way more effective in terms of withstanding heat and flames compared to commercial fire gel, class a foams, or other water enhancers that have been on the market for some time. Ember Bloc holds up way better than commercial superabsorbent polymer fire gels. It can last up to 48 hours after it is applied and longer than that if rehydrated. Ember Bloc can be applied to the exterior of your house and surrounding brush to help protect against both embers and flames in a wildfire. It has a unique ability to viciously cling onto the side of a house to withstand high heat and windy conditions. This is what makes it the best! Ember Bloc is environmentally friendly and simply rinses off with a pressure garden hose nozzle or pressure washer.

Is Ember Bloc on the Forest Service Qualified Products List (QPL)?

No, not at this time, but we are exploring getting it added onto it in the water enhancer category.

What are NPEs and are they dangerous to animals or humans?

NPEs (a.ka. Nonylphenol Ethoxylates) are surfactant components found in some other brands of fire retardant gel products. Recent scientific studies have shown that NPEs have negative effects on the reproductive systems of animals and humans in extremely low doses which can cause birth defects in future generations. Ember bloc is completely free of toxic NPEs and petroleum distillates.

Other brands of fire gels claim they are safe because they have been approved by the US Forest Service. Since NPEs are Toxic, why are they approved for use?

Currently, the US Forest Service testing program that approves chemicals for use in wildland firefighting does not fully examine the potential long-term effects on future generations...it only looks at short-term health and ecological toxicity hazards. Due to recent research indicating the dangers associated with NPEs, concerned environmental protection groups have formally requested that the Forest Service cease using and rescind approvals on fire chemicals that contain NPEs and other toxic chemicals.

How can I learn more about the hazards of NPEs that are found in other brands of fire gels?

Thankfully, it is quite easy. Simply "Google" the terms "Toxic NPEs".

Is Ember Bloc Fire Gel safe to use? What do I need to be concerned about?

Ember bloc is a safe product. It will NOT harm the environment. On the contrary, it's an Eco-Friendly product. Ember Bloc also does not contain any ammonioum, phosphate salts, sulfate salts or fertilizers that are used in the "infamous red colored" long term fire retardant products that can be seen being dropped from airplanes all over California. These ingredients have certain negative impacts on the marine ecosystems if mistakenly dropped onto any type of stream or body of water. They also disturb the soil content if dropped over Wineries and Vineyards in Northern California, for example, due to the fact that they contain fertilizers. If you read the Material Safety Data Sheet, it states that the concentrate can be irritating to the skin and eyes. If it does get on your skin or in your eyes, simply flush with water immediately.

Note: Ember bloc is very slippery. The potential for slips and falls is significant. Use the utmost care when applying it.

Is special protective gear required for mixing or application?

Ember bloc comes in a powder form. When handling it, we advise that you use goggles and a N95 protection mask or respirator to prevent inhaling like any other powder.


Will Ember Bloc Fire Gel hurt the paint on my house?

On a well maintained home the Ember bloc gel will not affect the paint.

Can I apply Ember Bloc Fire Gel on solar panels?

Yes, it will simply wash off after the fact.

How much Ember Bloc do I need?

This will require a little calculating on your part. Each 35lb container of Ember Bloc concentrate will coat approx 3000 square feet of surface area. The area you cover depends on how thickly you apply the product. A 1/4 inch covering is recommended, but the thicker you apply it , the longer it will last and more effective it will be. The average home will take anywhere from 1 to 2 buckets.

Where should I spray Ember Bloc Fire Gel when a fire is coming?

Ember Bloc can be used on houses, shake roofs, decks, doors, windows, eaves, fences, outbuildings, sheds, dog houses, log piles, brush, tree trunks, cars, boats, solar panels, grilles, LP and propane tanks. The eaves, windows, doors, decks and wood shake roofs are most important to coat. Asphalt shingles do not need to be coated unless a tree or some other exposure is nearby.

Personal safety is paramount. Do not put yourself in danger during the approach of wildfire. Apply before evacuations are ordered in your area.

Note: Defensible space is very important.

Once I apply Ember Bloc how long can I expect it to last?

Depending on weather conditions such as sunlight and humidity, Ember bloc can be expected to last up to anywhere from 24-48 hours after application. The thicker you apply the gel the longer it will last.

Note: If Ember bloc gel begins to dry out it can be re-hydrated by misting it lightly with water.

How thick should the gel be applied?

We recommed at least coating the surface to 1/4" thick. It is to be applyed with our pressure washer eductor applicator nozzle only. The thicker you apply it to the exterior of your home the better.

How much reach do I have with the nozzle on the Pressure washer?

The average gas-powered pressure washer (3100 PSI) with the special eductor can reach a two story home that's 25 feet tall. The fact that you can get this much reach from a pressure washer is a game changer eliminating the need to buy a portable fire pump and fire hose system that uses your swimming pool water - like most people have done over the years.

Clean Up:

How do I clean up after using Ember Bloc?

Because Ember Bloc is environmentally friendly - When the danger has passed, simply rinse the Ember Bloc gel off with plain water and a pressure nozzle. It will NOT harm the environment. Using a pressure washer on a low setting is the easiest and most effective way to remove Ember Bloc from exterior surfaces especially if it has dried for some time.

Once you have finished using either system, the entire unit should be disassembled. Each component should be flushed thoroughly with water until all the Ember Bloc residue is gone. NOTE: Soaking the components in warm or hot water will make the cleanup easier.


What is the shelf life of Ember Bloc Fire Retardant Gel Concentrate?

Ember bloc dry powder can be stored safely for several years.