Ember Bloc Pressure Washer Fire Blocking Gel Applicator Package

Package includes 3100 GPM Gas Powered Pressure Washer and 35 lbs of Ember Bloc Dry Powder Concentrate with the special Ember Bloc Eductor Applicator Wand. Requires 2 people to operate.


Ember Bloc is an affordable solution that every single homeowner can use to protect their home from burning down in a wildfire. Ember Bloc creates a Fire protective gel coating that's effective in cases of emergency in protecting structures from flame fronts typical of most wildfires. US Patent No: 8834750B1

Ember Bloc is a fire blocking gel powder concentrate that's classified as a water enhancer that can be applied with a pressure washer using our special pressure washer applicator/eductor attachment. We strongly recommend that every Homeowner in a wildfire prone area (especially California homeowners) have one of these systems ready to go. Recent tests and scientific research have shown Ember Bloc to be way more effective in terms of withstanding heat and flames compared to commercial fire gel, class a foams, or other water enhancers that have been on the market for some time. Ember Bloc holds up way better than commercial superabsorbent polymer fire gels. It can last anywhere from 24-48 hours after it is applied and has the ability to be rehydrated by lightly misting it with water. Ember Bloc can be applied to the exterior of your house and surrounding structures to help protect against both embers and flames in a wildfire. It has a unique ability to viciously cling onto the side of a house to withstand high heat and windy conditions. This is what makes it the best! Ember Bloc is environmentally friendly and simply rinses off with a pressure garden hose nozzle or pressure washer.

Ember Bloc Fire Gel Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

USE CASE: We recommend using this product for structural asset protection purposes, applying it well ahead of time of an anticipated wildfire.

APPLICATION: Ember Bloc buckets of dry powder concentrate are to be used with Ember Bloc eductor applicator nozzles only. Ember Bloc can last anywhere from 24-48 hours after it is applied and has the ability to be rehydrated by lightly misting it with water.

COVERAGE INSTRUCTIONS: Stand 10 to 15 feet back and make a series of long strokes starting at the top of the structure you are coating and work your way across and then down. Do not spray over an area that you already covered. 35 lbs of powder concentrate is enough to coat approximately 3000 sq ft. Actual Coverage Results may vary based on the thickness applied and spraying technique. The thicker the better!

CLEANUP: Environmentally Friendly - When the danger has passed, simply rinse the Ember Bloc gel off with plain water and a pressure nozzle. It will NOT harm the environment. Using a pressure washer on a low setting is the easiest and most effective way to remove Ember Bloc from exterior surfaces especially if it has dried for some time.

Pressure Washer Features:

  • 212cc OHV gas engine: easy to start, efficient and reliable, CARB certified
  • 5 quick-connect nozzles are color-coded for easy identification
  • Axial style brass head pump with stainless steel pistons and thermal relief valve to extend pump life
  • Thermal relief valve: protects the pump from overheating
  • Includes 25 ft. of 1/4 in. high pressure hose so you can work in a wide area
  • Price: $1,350.00

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