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Product Detail


5,000 Gallon Folding Frame Water Tank



Steel Frame. 22 oz. Vinyl Liner side and Heavy Duty 28 oz. floor

Steel Frame

  • 7/8" od., 14 Gage Round Tube Steel (HREW P&O)

  • Superior Heavy Duty Laser Cut Hinges.

  • Mig Welded Construction, Guaranteed!

  • High Quality PPG Paint Used For Finish (Gloss Black, Standard)

  • Available In 3/4" x 3/4" 14 Guage Square Tube Steel

Standard Dimensions

Tank Size Open Folded Double Folded Weight
5000 gallon 17'3" x 17'3" x 29" 7" x 17'3" x 29" 16" x 8'9" x 29" 269 lbs

Price: $1,745.00




Home Firefighting Pump System
Barricade Fire Blocking Gel 1 Gallon
Eductor Nozzle for Fire Hose Systems
10,000 Gallon Self Supporting Water Tank

Barricade Garden Hose Eductor Nozzle

Giant Soaker Hose 100 ft. section


JJS Fire Supply is your source for all your Home Wildfire Protection needs. We offer a variety of products, including Barricade Fire Gel and Class A National Foam designed to protect your home from the destruction of wildfires. If you are a government agency or local municipality, please call for large quantity discounts.

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