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Econo Pac Wildfire Skid Unit System for UTV



Drop-In Mobile Defense System for Neighborhoods in wildfire prone areas. Perfect for UTVs or Small Trucks.

A tank, a live hose reel and/or crosslay, a portable fire pump and/or a compressed air foam system (CAFS), with an engine: these can be combined into a single one-piece assembly that can be slipped onto a ATV or UTV bed, truck bed, trailer, or into a body and used for flowing water and or foam on a structural fire, car fire or wildfire. The most common wildland and urban interface fire engines in North America combine a small truck with a water tank and a high performance portable pump. Municipal/industrial fire departments and all forestry fire authorities have been using these drop-in units for decades.

These skid unit systems simply drop right in to the back of virtually all the most popular Utility Vehicles on the market. Having a UTV that's equipped with one of these skid unit systems is very common in neighborhoods in Southern California and usually purchased by the HOA to be used in emergencies to put out spot fires or to spray homes before evacuations are ordered. Homeowners stayed back and used these mobile UTV skid unit systems to successfully defend their properties from being destroyed in Malibu California during the Woosley Fire.


  • Low mount configuration
  • Honda PFP-6hpHND-M-Twin fire pump
  • Pump capacity 20 gpm at 125 psi
  • Self priming fire pump
  • Pump control panel
  • 65 gallon water tank
  • Manual rewind hose reel
  • 50' x 3/4 booster hose
  • Forestry nozzle
  • 1.5 inlet with cap and chain
  • 1.5 outlet with cap and chain
  • 1 valve for hose reel
  • 1 valve for tank fill / recirculating
  • 3/4 polypropylene platform with under lifting area
  • Comes with a separate 15' PVC Suction Hose and all adapters needed to draw water from an external water source such as a swimming pool, lake, etc

Dimensions: 43" Length x 44" Width x 30-7/8" Height

Important: Check UTV Cargo Bed Length x Width dimensions to ensure this skid unit fits before ordering

Water tank sizes vary from 50 gallons, for an ATV, up to 500 gallons for full size trucks. Additional Foam Add-On options are available as well. Call 888-766-5627 for any size or add-on not listed on this standard unit.


Price: $4,875.00



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JJS Fire Supply is your source for all your Home Wildfire Protection needs. We offer a variety of products, including Barricade Fire Gel and Class A National Foam designed to protect your home from the destruction of wildfires. If you are a government agency or local municipality, please call for large quantity discounts.

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