Wildfire Skid Unit & Foam System for UTV

Complete Wildfire Response Skid Unit Fire Pump & Hose System. Features a built in foam system, stokes basket area, and 115 gallon fully baffled water tank. (6-8 week delivery ETA)

Skid Unit Tank Main Features:

  • 115 gallon water tank
  • 5 gallon foam cell
  • Stokes basket area
  • 6hp Electric Honda Pump
  • Pump Control Panel
  • 1.5" Suction
  • 1.0" tank fill
  • 1.5" discharge
  • 1.0" discharge
  • Scotty Around The Pump Foam System
  • Electric Booster Reel with outrigger
  • 50ft of 1.0" booster hose
  • Comes with a High Pressure Suction Hose Drafting Kit which includes 10' of 1.5" suction hose, 1.5" Aluminum Foot Valve Strainer w/ built in check valve, and hand primer. This is useful to draw water from an external water source such as a swimming pool, lake, etc

*Stokes basket shown in picture is Not included

*This unit is designed specifically for an Intimidator 2500 Truck Series Utility Vehicle which has an extended cargo bed compared to most UTVs.

Price: $17,345.00

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