Permanent Swimming Pool Home Fire Protection System

Protect Your Home From Wildfires Using Your Pool! Installs on the side of your house


Comes with everything needed for easy installation. Specially Designed to be installed on your swimming pool plumbing using your existing pump and filter. Package Includes the fire hose/reel system, 3-way valve, all fittings, glue, protective cover, and detailed instructions.


Think of your swimming pool and filter system as a fire truck already on the scene ready to protect your house from disaster in the dry season. All you need to put your pool to work is a system to utilize your existing pool pump and the pool water to best advantage. You will no longer be dependent on the fire department arriving in time to save your property in the event of a fire. The answer is this patented home protection system which can be installed in less than an hour. It comes with everything needed to install on most homes in less than 1 hour. U.S. Patent No: 5,366,021


The system is economical since you already have a pump that will deliver 15-20 times the volume of a garden hose. The professional fire hose and reel system is ready to use wet down your property in under 2 minutes by changing the position of the included diverter valve installed between the pool pump and filter. The adjustable nozzle is ready to use as a direct stream or a wide fan. The system is conveniently stored on the reel flush against the house until needed. It is protected from the elements with the easily removable cover that is provided.

You can ask your Insurance Company to give you a discount on your homeowners insurance once the system is installed which will often pay the cost of the system back in 2-5 years or less!


Easy to install by homeowner with instructions provided. All the necessary hardware and plumbing is included in the package. Fits either 2" or 1.5" standard PVC plumbing. Once installed the reel with the fire hose is stored flush against the house and protected from the elements by the included cover. The cover is held in place by Velcro and is removed in seconds making the system ready to pull the hose from the reel. The hose is a professional quality jacket hose and is 100 feet in length. When the hose is extended, a flip of the included valve activates the water flow from the pool pump without the restriction of the swimming pool filter reducing the flow of water to the system. Note: Will not work if the power company shuts off the power during a wildfire event. For that reason, please check out our list of portable home wildfire pump and hose systems.

Package Includes: the fire hose/reel system, 3-way valve, all fittings, glue, protective cover, and detailed instructions.

Note: If you do not want to attempt the installation yourself, feel free to schedule your local pool service repairman to come out and install the system for you. We offer free technical support for any questions that may come up during the installation. Call 772-284-4233 and we can solve any problem you have over the phone.

Performance Disclaimer: The best performance in terms of maximum head lift is achieved using a 3 HP Pentair Intelliflo Pool Pump (not included) and no more than 100 feet of fire hose.


  • Our fire hose is 1-1/2" high quality single jacket fire hose
  • 100 feet of hose
  • Intended for industrial fire protection use
  • Hose has a synthetic rubber liner
  • 100% polyester yarns prevent mildew
  • Hose has 300 PSI test pressure and a 150 PSI service pressure
  • Hose comes coupled with HARD COAT ALUMINUM couplings (NST) threads
  • Fire hose comes standard with an FM label

Price: $750.00

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Additional Options:

Add Pentair 3HP IntelliFlo Variable Flow Pump 230V + $2,699.00