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We stock the complete line of Barricade Fire Gel Products that are compatible with our Portable and Permanent Wildfire Pump and Hose Systems. Barricade Fire Gel has saved hundreds of homes during the California Wildfires. Note: Barricade Fire Gel is the exact same formulation as Thermo Gel. Barricade Fire Gel (Compare to Thermo Gel) is the first and only liquid fire gel concentrate that has been approved for use by the Forest Service that does not contain toxic chemical additives known as NPEs and petroleum distillate oils. Barricade can be used on houses, shake roofs, decks, doors, windows, eaves, fences, outbuildings, sheds, dog houses, log piles, brush, shrubbery, trees, haystacks, cars, boats, grilles, LP and propane tanks.

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According to a recent Home Builder's Guide to Construction in Wildfire Zones released by FEMA: "Polymer gels, Class A foam products, and other long-term fire retardants can be applied to structures prior to fire impingement and provide greater thermal protection than water alone."

Watch this demo of Barricade Fire Gel being applied with a pressure washer eductor nozzle and creating a perfect fire shield after being lit on fire with a torch!

Barricade Fire Blocking Gel Product Specification Sheet