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Class A Firefighting Foam Concentrate (fire retardant) is compatible with our Home Wildfire Protection Pump and Hose Systems and is a great affordable option to protect your home from burning down in a wildfire.

Meets USDA Forest Service Requirement per Specification 5100-307. Specifically designed to be sprayed with any of our Fire Pump Systems with the eductor nozzle. Environmentally responsible formulation. Premix is stable for more than 30 days (using potable water), which is significantly longer than traditional Class A foam solutions.

Class A Foam Knockdown Product Specification Sheet

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  • Foam Eductor Nozzle Kit for Fire Hose System

    Designed to allow Class A Foam to be sprayed with our home fire protection systems

    Price: $305.00



    Class A Foam Concentrate 5-gallons

    U.S. Foam Technologies Class A Firefighting Foam Concentrate 5-Gallon Container (compatible with our Fire Hose Systems)

    Price: $200.00



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Spraying Class A Foam with any one of our wildfire pump and hose systems is a popular option that will give you the same type of protection as Barricade Fire Gel at a more affordable price point.